The students weren even necessarily rowdy or disrespectful (some were, but that happens anywhere) they were just broken. Many of them were 16 years old and reading at an elementary school level, and had given up all hope of ever catching up. They saw no value in education, simply resigned to the fact that it was being presented a question and then figuring out what answer to plug into the blank.

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dresses sale Sheriff’s Detective Bernell Trapp poses as young girls and boys to trap abusers.I can’t even describe how big a problem it is there, » he said.MySpace attracts 250,000 new sign ups a day, millions a week, Detective Gary Hartog said. Parents should open their own accounts to monitor use by their teens and their teens’ friends, he said.Their kids may not share meet up dates or post seemingly innocent photos of girls in bikinis at a pool party or in nighties at a slumber party but friends or former friends might. Parents should contact each other so photos that could whet the appetites of predators are yanked dresses sale.